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Operational Advisory

Axum Advisors believes operational competitiveness and excellence to be a critical aspect of every successful corporation.  With over 40 years of experience, our advisors have worked as consultants and held senior positions in a variety of industries. This experience allows us to design customized and achievable solutions that ensure your corporation meets its short and long-term goals.


We work with clients to improve both internal and external performance to boost customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs. Our core services include governance advisory and board improvement, management oversight and controls optimization, risk and compliance solutions and revenue assurance.

Managing Change

Organizational change is inevitable.  How the executive team, managers and employees navigate change makes the difference between those that just survive and those that thrive.  Before beginning an engagement, Axum Advisors undertake a forensic cultural diagnosis of the existing corporate culture to gain an understanding of how and why that culture is the way it is. This highly customized, systematic process may involve interviews with specific, targeted questions employees who work in various capacities and levels within the organization. Our clients have found this process cathartic and a critical step towards clarifying current issues and developing tools for creating change when necessary.

Governance Services

Conflict Resolution

Board Creation and Improvement

Standing Committees

Building Governance Plans and Processes

Board Development

Operations Services

HR Operations Analysis

Compliance Review

Financial Management

Marketing Research, Analysis, and Pricing

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